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Remote Patient Monitoring

How to get better care and
more support with Remote
Patient Monitoring

By partnering with Asbury Pharmacy, Total Wound Care and Clinical Pharmacists, new options are available for you which can help you keep in touch with your health care providers between visits. These special devices with a cellular transmitter allow your nurse and doctor to see your day to day readings for better instructions and support leading to better outcomes as a team.

How it works:

1- Your Nurse or pharmacist will leave a device(s) based on your health conditions:

• Blood pressure cuff

• Scale

• Pulse Oximeter

• Blood glucose meter-finger stick

• Blood glucose meter – continuous (used with Omnipod disposable insulin pumps)

• Omnipod disposable insulin pump

2- When you use the device, the reading will automatically transmit to a dashboard monitored by a technician

3- The technician or nurse will call you with any problems they see.


Additional info

• We will send a report to your doctor monthly or at your request

• This service is covered by your insurance and is subject to copays

• Our clinical pharmacist will call to drill down deep on your medications to make sure you are getting more the benefits and less of the side effects of your medication therapy

• Omnipod Insulin Pumps reduce the need for daily insulin injections and fingersticks from multiple daily injections to 1 every 3 days! Creating a better patient experience with better diabetes control!


Asbury Pharmacy is
your partner for diabetes

The FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitoring System or the Omnipod Dash Insulin Management System is a great choice for maintaining your health:

• Less overall insulin use is needed.

• Remote patient monitoring and insulin adjustments will improve your diabetes management

• Family and loved ones will be able to access your readings remotely and monitor your glucose levels to ensure your safety.

• Eliminates the need for multiple daily injections—Each Pod delivers insulin nonstop for 3 consecutive days (up to 72 hours)

• Tangle-proof, waterproof, and durable—Ideal for the physical demands of day-to-day life

• The FreeStyle Libre 2 system lets users check their glucose levels as often as they like without having to fingerstick.

Want to get started?

  1. Call or visit Asbury Pharmacy and tell us that you're
  2. Provide us with your PCP information so we can contact your
  3. Make sure to let us know if you have smart phone and wifi available where you are.

Here when you need us:


Jim Kirk – Pharmacist in Charge 405-843-6691


If this is an emergency, please call 911 immediately